If you are not married to the woman

If you are not married to the woman, you have no rights until a court says you do. You do have financial responsibilities though. Last month a single took an interesting step in that he filed for custody of the child prior to the birth, but there is no case law in that regard, so he has a long road ahead of him.

There are things you can be doing to prepare for the time when the child arrives, such as having motions ready to legally establish the Father/Child Relationship. You should also take parenting and anger management classes. Parenting because the court will order you to do it anyway. Anger to help you deal with the stress related to trying to obtain and enforce your rights.

You also might consider joining the National Congress for Fathers & Children. We have a manual that teaches you what all you need to know now and in the future. You can call me at 1-800-SEE-DADS. If you are in the Waterloo Region than use http://www.kidsndad.com/

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