I need some advice, on my husband’s right

As a father, you see he was married once before and they had 2 children, they divorced and we are now married, when we got married we moved 1 state away, his ex-wife and the kids live in Alabama.

She recently got married also and has told us that she is filing for the step dad to adopt the kids, can he legally do this with out my husbands permission?

My husband has not seen or talk to his kids in over a year and a half because she has been hiding them from him, we just found out where they were about 1 week ago, she claims that she is going to use the excuse that he has not been an active part of their lives, but how could he when it took us this long to find them.

Can her new husband adopt the kids with out my husbands permission? he does pay child support,and if this adoption happens it will kill him, the kids are his life. What do I do????

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