I have gathered my senses

I have gathered my senses and have started my research. I will follow your directions later on this weekend. I have contacted a South carolina attorney who assured me that the mothers statements of her being the one to decide what is best for the child and I will have to accept that is utterly wrong.

Even though there is no legal way for me to secure custody or visitation with the baby until it is born…….South Carolina courts recognize the father when he makes a reasonable attempt to contact the mother and express his wishes to be part of the child’s life and also shows a willingness to provide for the child by making monetary contributions towards pre-natal care and savings for after the birth. i have started this today and sent the first check, via certified mail. Keep in mind before responding to this that she turned away $800.00 just two weeks ago saying she never asked for my money and didn’t need it.

This will be a waiting thing, but I feel better knowing that she can’t just give the baby up for adoption without my consent. I am prepared for the fact that the courts may decide that adoption is the best thing or she may get custody, but all I am asking is to be an influential part of my child’s life and don’t want to take the baby away from the mother.

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