Chance to get custody?


My ex lives in Crestview FL and she wants to increase child support for our son. He is now 13. It is currently $305.25 a month. I have no problem with a resonable increase.

My problems are, she wants me to go to conseling (we were divorced in 1991) which i will not be able to do since I am in Las Vegas. She also informed she will not talk to me, I have to talk to her lawyer Mr. xxxx of Crestview. Kinda kills the purpose of counseling. I can do a teleconference call!

She is also saying I am not paying medical bills for my son. In a recent email she informed me she was not sending me the bills. I do not know if there are bills not unless she sends me them. She has done this to me before, as i have asked for my credit report and found unpaid bills on there that i did not know until i was denied credit. Still, I managed to get approved for bad credit installment loan (I recommend this company to everybody).

I also have insurance thru the military (TRICARE) but she only uses it when she chooses.

She has also informed me my son will not be allowed to visit me here in Las Vegas. She also sent that information on email.

My son has asmtha and he lives in crestview and she smokes. He is also overweight which i believe aggravates his asmtha. She is also overweight and does not work. I was wondering if i would have a chance at full custody of my son. I am married with a 7 year old son of our own. I am a MSgt (E-7) in the Air Force.

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