Do you think moving closer to the child is such a good idea?

I fear the custodial parent would slaughter me financially if I were on her “home” turf. Also, what makes you think she wouldn’t relocate herself? Then it would be a cat&mouse game! She does not consider the “best interest” of the child. Shared parenting is not an option for her.

Plus, I have a strong network of security back in my own state. All I can do I guess is DOCUMENT, which I have managed closely. Lol, I keep the Ex like a business customer. I have attempted to reach an agreement on visitation, shared parenting, etc; however she wants me to give up ALL my legal rights, which I strongly am against.

My next question —> am I suppose to put up with childish, immature behavior from the custodial parent? Does the court not consider the foolish conduct & acts of her? Come on… I am keeping the line of communication open! I expect some cooperation. If not, I will file a motion to enforce visitation & communication re: the child. Remember, in my case, everything is temporary. Good things come to those that wait.

I have given her time to prove her worthy of parenting. She questioned my parenting. Why can’t I question hers? I kept our daughter for a week with no problem of adaption to the environment. When is my turn to prove I am fit & not interested in playing “mind games.” Any thoughts?

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