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Get the name of the counselor

See what the professional has to say about your ability to meet her demands and the “talk to my lawyer only” restriction. Look at the bills you have paid in the past and contact those doctors to see if your child has been treated lately and if any charges are outstanding. Contact her attorney in read more …


Chance to get custody?

Hello, My ex lives in Crestview FL and she wants to increase child support for our son. He is now 13. It is currently $305.25 a month. I have no problem with a resonable increase. My problems are, she wants me to go to conseling (we were divorced in 1991) which i will not be read more …



Hi John! The key to any custody battle is DOCUMENTATION (see for Tips on Keeping Documentation). You need to keep an accurate record of every missed visit, every communication with the X or the child, and every attempt to visit/contact/locate the child. There is a Parenting Time Tracker spreadsheet for Excel available at read more …